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I've been unwittingly slashing since I was about seven or eight, when I used to watch repeats of The Man From Uncle and became hooked on the Illya/Napoleon friendship. I started actually writing fic when I was twelve, on bits of paper which I kept locked away in a jewellery box, already being well aware that it probably wasn't something to share with the family! Back then it was all about hurt/comfort (and didn't develop into real slash until I first got a computer and started exploring the internet in about 1997), and my favourite shows were always the ones with a strong male friendship and plenty of H/C, like Starsky & Hutch, Due South, M*A*S*H* etc.

The day I realised that fanfiction existed online was one of the greats! Imagine my surprise to find out I wasn't a total freak for scribbling these stories down in any private moment I could get! :) It certainly revolutionised things for me. I could write faster on a keyboard! I could bounce ideas off like-minded fangirls!

I have an unfortunate habit of falling into fandoms with zero online representation, but then again, I'm a terrible fandom-hopper, so in a lot of cases I don't tend to stay put for very long.

Here are some of my all time favourite partnerships in no particular order (not all of whom have I written, yet!):

1). Starsky & Hutch. Beautiful, beautiful hurt/comfort, when the writers got it right. For me, it had a habit of becoming a bit farcical, but the first series was a cracker. 'The Fix' is still my benchmark for the best H/C.

2). Hawkeye & Trapper (M*A*S*H* - and even though I love the film even more than I love the TV show, I'm talking TV here!). Incredible scope for hurt/comfort in this fandom, obviously. Once again, though, those damn writers turned Trapper into a bit of a sidekick after the first series. He's meant to be the best damn chest cutter in Korea!

3). Bodie & Doyle (The Professionals). Gritty, tough, angsty boys. And the only Brits! Where's my patriotism?!

4). Jared & Peter (Franklin & Bash). Instant, sparkling chemistry from the very start. Jared smiles at Peter and my world is a happy, happy place.

5). Hank & Britt (Terriers). My poor, short-lived show, how I loved you! Rough around the edges, these boys, but good hearted and wonderful chemistry between them.

6). Dean & Sam (Supernatural). Absolutely chock full of hurt/comfort, is SPN, and the brotherly love is heart breaking at times. Not to mention the fact that I can barely take my eyes of Jensen Ackles when he's on screen...

7). Sonny & Rico (Miami Vice). I love me a bit of Crockett & Tubbs (and possibly even more, a bit of Larry & Stan!). Again, I think MV was a show that was at its best in the first series, before Sonny got too sanctimonious and Rico became a bit of a sidekick and everyone broke. (Obviously it was a bit more complicated than that, but you know. I'm trying to summarise here!)

8). Cody & Nick (Riptide). This is quite a new one for me, because it never really got round to the UK, but WOW. I have massive love for this show, and for the incredible love story that is Cody & Nick!

You can find most of my fics on my memories page.

A few of the fandoms I love, in pictorial form...

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